Music, Movement and Gesture (2006-2008)

Music, movement and gesture -kuva

NOTE: project ended in 2008

The research project Music, Movement, and Gesture, funded by the Academy of Finland, investigates the relationship between physical and musical gestures. More specifically, it investigates the role of movement in synchronization and emotional expression using optical motion capture, computational music analysis, computational modelling, and psychological experiments. The proposed project will provide a number of outcomes. At a basic level, it will increase our understanding of the relationship between music and movement. This includes the role of movement gestures in both synchronization and musical expression. The results will have a number of educational applications. First, knowledge on the effect of the quality of movement on synchronization can be applied in conductor training. Second, knowledge on the relation between physical gestures and perceived emotions can enhance conductors' ability to convey their expressive intentions. Third, ensemble musicians' awareness and understanding of physical gestures used for interaction will increase their musical communication abilities. Finally, the results can be applied to interactive music systems. These systems can be used for artistic, educational, therapeutic, and entertainment purposes.



Petri Toiviainen, Geoff Luck, Tuomas Eerola, Marc Thompson, Rafael Ferrer