The Kinematics and Dynamics of Musical Communication (2010-2013)

NOTE: project ended in 2013

This project will examine the role of movement in musical communication, both in terms of between-musician communication, and musicians communication with an audience. To this end, a series of scientific studies will be carried out to investigate how features of music-related movement are associated with rhythmic and expressive qualities of musical communication. In addition, several neurological, or brain-mapping, studies will be carried out in order to examine how the brain processes expressive movement.

The project will utilize novel combinations of state-of-the-art technology and computational analysis methods to achieve its goals, and it is expected that the results will have a number of practical applications, such as in conductor training, in the development of interactive and therapeutic music systems, and in music education. Moreover, it is expected that important relationships between movement and communication identified within musical contexts will generalize, revealing universal ways in which people communicate rhythmically and expressively in everyday life.


More information:

  • Academy Research Fellow, Geoff Luck