Publications - Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies



The Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies becomes operational on 1 Jan 2017. From that date on, the publications of the Department can be found in TUTKA through this LINK.

Publications of individual researchers (even before the new department is launched) can be explored through the Research and Specialists at the University of Jyväskylä website or on the researcher’s own page, under Staff, on this website.

Researchers (including doctoral students) affiliated with the department must submit their publication data and other scientific activity in the TUTKA research and publication data system. The data is submitted to the University Library for registration according to the instructions found on the TUTKA webpage. TUTKA usernames/passwords are provided by departmental main users.




Other theses (Master's theses and licentiate theses)

For information on theses completed at the department, consult the University Library database.