Research profile


The research of the Department uses the points of view of culture, art and music to assess topical global developments such as digitalisation and technologisation, multiculturalisation, social polarisation and rootlessness. The research focuses on wellbeing, identity, cognition, experiences, feelings, affects and meaning-making processes in a multidisciplinary manner, utilising the tools of music, art and cultural research.

The emphases of research are

  • applied music technology: technologies of well-being and therapy, music education technology and new learning environments;
  • art and cultural studies methodology;
  • cognitive musicology (internationally recognised research);
  • combining art theoretical, cultural and political questions;
  • contemporary culture;
  • music as a supporter of growth, development and learning;
  • music therapy in pre-emptive, caring and rehabilitative activity;
  • psychology of music: emotions, self-control, learning and well-being.

The emphasised research is developed further and the research of the Department in general is advanced through the utilisation of the results of previous top-level research.