Language of the Master Programmes

All compulsory Courses are taught in English, including exams and assignments. Specialization Topics and/or courses taken on exchange may be studied in other languages. The language of the Master’s thesis is English.

The Master Programmes include one compulsory language course for all students, XENX009 Research Communication Skills (5 ECTS), which consists of writing skills and oral presentation skills and is integrated within the Seminar Course.

In addition, students with native language other that Finnish are required to pass course level 2 in Finnish (i.e. courses Suomi 1 & Suomi 2). Further, it should be noted that Finnish students must fulfil the statutory requirements in Finnish and in Swedish if they wish to be qualified for civil servant (state) positions in Finland. These studies in Finnish and Swedish are in addition to the 120 ECTS Master programme studies.