Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning

Principles for recognition of prior learning at the JYU

The forms for applying recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning refers to the process of approving previous studies (not included in the previous degree), internships, work experience or other competences as part of a degree, study entity or study unit in compulsory or optional studies. The recognition of previous studies or other skills must always be based on documental proof.  

Recognition of prior learning may take the form of substitution or inclusion. Substitution requires a correspondence between contents, and studies can be substituted fully or partially. Inclusion means that prior competence is accepted as part of the degree as such, in which case a correspondence between contents is not required, but the studies must meet the level of curriculum and correspond to the expertise required by the degree.

The compensation decisions are usually made at the beginning of the studies when drawing up the Personal Study Plan (HOPS).