Music and emotions -colloquium



Thursdays @ 16.00-17.30 at M308. 


  • 5.11. Overview of the Topics, presentations by Laszlo Stacho,  Jonna Vuoskoski
  • 26.11. Presentation by Elvira Brattico
  • 17.12. Presentation by <TBA>


Course enrollment in Korppi and Course Materials in Optima.


  • Introduce and deepen Music and Emotion themes that are actively studied at the Department
  • Provide support for thesis (BA and MA) for Music and Emotion topics (shared background theories, literature, methodological and technical support)
  • Foster collaborative work (joint theses, papers)
  • Facilitate collaboration between students and researchers


Seminars including discussion, commentaries, presentations (researchers and students), problem-oriented demos, etc.


Organized by Tuomas Eerola (senior researcher) and Suvi Saarikallio (senior assistant) and later also hosted by doctoral students involved in music and emotion studies (Laszlo Stacho, Jonna Vuoskoski, Rafael Ferrer, Anemone Van Zil) and Post Doc researchers (Elvira Brattico, Olivier Lartillot, etc.)



5 ECTS for one year participation including:

  • active participation
  • 1 presentation and 1 short report

Music-related topics

  • Find music that arouses intense emotions across listeners (larger project)
  • Strong emotions evoked by music?
  • What musical features contribute to emotions? 
  • Acoustic analyses of recordings (tutorial later) isolated factors (timbre, other features)
  • Genre-dependency of music-induced emotions?

Music-related topics

  • Topics related to individual factors:
  • Are emotions experienced with music related to personality and musical taste?
  • musical mood manipulation (types of stimuli, liked vs disliked)
  • Effects of training (Musicians vs non-musicians)

Topics related to methodological issues

  • Physiological correlates of emotions induced by music
  • Continuous measures of emotions
  • Non-verbal measures for measuring emotions
  • Context of emotional experiences? (Lab. vs home vs live concert?)

Mood regulation topics

  • Cross-cultural and age-related differences in mood regulation
  • Musical sensitivity, empathy, emotions and mood regulation?
  • Explore mood management issues by looking at iPod playlists

Aesthetics and emotions

  • Are aesthetic experiences different from emotional experiences (in musical context)?

Minimally explored topics

  • Music-induced movements and emotions
  • Developmental aspects of emotions and music?
  • Emotions in performers?