These are the facilitates available to students studying in MMT


Several seminar rooms are available for on-campus study and meetings. The Department of Music is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a computer classroom, a recording studio and a research laboratory including, among other things, an optical motion capture system, an EEG recording system and a Disklavier C7. Virtual learning environments will be utilised for distributing course materials and managing various aspects related to thesis preparation and supervision.

You will have full access to departmental and university computing facilities for word, sound and music processing, statistical analysis, and access to the Internet. For further information please visit the Information Management Centre.

Library services available to students include online access to a wide variety of databases, and inter-library loans to supplement the existing stock of books and journals. You can use your student card to borrow books from the University Library as well as from the department libraries on the Main Campus and other campuses. The music library is located in the building of the Music Department. For further information please visit the Jyväskylä University Library.

The University Language Centre offers a wide variety of courses as well as an opportunity to study languages independently by using the self-study materials and equipment of the learning centre. For more information visit the University Language Centre.