Music Therapy Clinic for Research and Training

The Music Therapy Clinic for Research and Training participates in training and teaching students in master's programmes, postgraduate studies and further education programmes. The clinic offers students the chance to gain first-hand experience of working with real clients in a typical clinical setting. The students’ sessions are recorded and they are observed during their training which enables a much deeper learning and critique and is used as a tool for professional growth and development. After the internships (I: 12 sessions, II: 20 sessions- not observed), the student is able to understand the possibilities of clinical methods of music psychotherapy, formulate goals of a therapeutic process and analyse and assess what happens in therapy. Supervision sessions and post-session group discussions allow for a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process and an opportunity to examine methods and tools of therapy in action.The Music Therapy Clinic is also the clinical unit for an intensive period of internship for the music therapy students from the Eino Roiha Institute.

The Clinic organises and offers music therapy services within training and research projects. Combined training and research activities produce scientific and applied knowledge related to music therapy and music psychotherapy methods, clinical processes and theoretical issues.

The Music Therapy Clinic for Research and Training is located on the ground floor of the Musica building (M). The Clinic is well equipped and offers up-to-date facilities for conducting versatile therapy, training and research activities. The clinic operates in collaboration with a wide network of social and health institutions, therapists, researchers and training units. This network brings together local, national and international professionals in the field.


Facilities Available in the Musica building (M)

The Musica building, where the music therapy programme is taught, has a wide variety of facilities available. These include:

  • Two state-of-the-art music therapy clinics for research and training, equipped with recording equipment, electronic and acoustic instruments, VAT chairs
  • Motion-capture laboratory, which has been used in recent years for research in the Centre of Excellence concerning Music and Emotion
  • Recording studio
  • Practice rooms, equipped with pianos
  • Computer laboratory: the music department uses mainly Apple computers and this facility also provides music editing equipment and midi keyboards
  • Band rehearsal room: acoustic and electric instruments