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Music Therapy Master's Degree Programme is one of the two Master's Degree Programmes within the Music Psychology Training.

The programme aims to acquaint you with the main areas of contemporary music therapy and music psychotherapy research, theory and clinical practice - in particular on psychiatric and neurological perspectives - familiarize you strategies, methods and equipments used in different clinical research designs, provide you with skills needed for designing, executing and reporting investigations, and supply you with the knowledge and skills needed for PhD studies.


Music Therapy Studies in the MT-programme

The University of Jyväskylä is home to the only University Chair in music therapy in Finland. The staff consists of a professor, an associate professor, and a university teacher. In addition to master’s training, we have about ten doctoral students. Our programme has good international contacts, for instance with the Music Therapy doctoral training programme in Aalborg, Denmark. Our basic approach is that of music psychotherapy - to be precise, psychodynamic music psychotherapy. However, our students may have other kinds of backgrounds, meaning that in practice, our focus can be said to be quite eclectic. Our curriculum consists of theory and research subjects, personal development and clinical training. We have a well-equipped music therapy training and research clinic that we are very proud of. The master’s level training prepares students for academic as well as clinical postgraduate studies. It also provides additional qualification, thus improving the students' employment opportunities. Finnish music therapists work either as private practitioners (e.g. for the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) or in various institutions, such as hospitals and developmental disability institutions.

Curriculum 2012-2014 (pdf)

Curriculum 2014-2016 (pdf)


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Aims of the Course

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After completing the Music Therapy Master Programme the student will have attained an understanding of the essence of music therapy and music psychotherapy from both a theoretical and clinical point of view. The course is split between practical - clinical training - and theoretical courses, such as Music Therapy in Medicine and as Rehabilitation. The course enables the student to get a broad sense of what working in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams can be like as well as the skills to design, conduct and report on research relevant to the field of music therapy. The course equips the student with the building blocks to advance to PhD studies. Socially, the course offers a wonderful opportunity to work with those from all around the world and opens the platform for interesting discussions and debates.


What Does It Cost?

The course itself is free of charge. There may be scholarships or funding available from your home country. Accommodation and living expenses vary depending on the individual.

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More information

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