Letulė Nerdinga, Tohtorikoulutettava / Doctoral Student

Musiikkiterapia / Music Therapy

Väitöskirjan työnimi / Working title of dissertation: Decoding the music: Identifying mental health disorders based on musical expression

Tutkimuksesta / About research: Music therapy has great benefits in the treatment of mental illness, yet there is no consensus on the role of music within the therapeutic process. The aim of this research is to link musical features with psychological phenomena. My own professional experience in music analysis methods and that of my supervisors and colleagues at the Finnish Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research enables us to perform an innovative and far-reaching research that combines music, therapy and computational information retrieval. I am using recordings of music therapy sessions, interviews with therapists, and online survey responses as data. This project has reached the midway point and will take two more years of full-time research to complete by the end of 2018. At its outcome this project will contribute to understanding of the role of music in the therapeutic process, and enable further development of analysis methods.

Tutkimusintressit / Research interests: Music therapy, Music Information Retrieval, Music Therapy Assessment.

Julkaisut / Publications