Schäfer Katharina, Tohtorikoulutettava / Doctoral Student

+358 40 805 4841
Musiikkitiede / Musicology
Musica, M203

Väitöskirjan työnimi / Working title of dissertation: Situational and social aspects of the liking for sad-sounding music

Tutkimuksesta / About research: Social needs constitute a fundamental motivation for human behavior. If our demand for belonging and connection is not met we suffer. I am investigating if and how music listening and other media can temporarily fulfill those needs. The results are of interest for our multi-medial society in which more and more people suffer from social isolation.

Tutkimusintressit / Research interests: music psychology, music sociology, evolutionary musicology, emotions, language, education, statistics, neuroscience, psychophysiology

Julkaisut / Publications