Thompson Marc, Yliopistonlehtori / Senior Lecturer

Thompson Marc, Yliopistonlehtori / Senior Lecturer
Musiikkitiede / Musicology
Musica M211

Nettisivut / Web page: mmtfinland.wordpress.com

Tutkimus / Research: Post-doctoral fellow in Academy Project of Professor Petri Toiviainen (Dynamics of Music Cognition)

Main Pedagogical DutiesInternational Masters Programme in Music, Mind & Technology (section head)  

On this site:      


Hankkeet ja tutkimusintressit / Projects and Research Interests 

  • Musical Performance Issues
    • Music and Gesture
    • Perception of different expressive and emotional states in piano performance and conducting
    • Cross-model interaction between visual and auditory modes of experiencing music performance
  • Entrainment in Dyadic Music Performances
    • Applying statistical techniques such as Canonical Correlation Analysis to motion capture data
    • Studying how music performance functions as a means of social bonding
  • Embodied Music Cognition
    • Investigating how metric pulsations of music manifest themselves in spontaneous music-related movements
  • Gesture-controlled musical interfaces (MYO sensors, Leap Motion)
    • Modeling music-related gestures
    • Developing computational methods for automatic gesture segmentation and/or recognition
  • Optical Motion Capture (Qualisys Motion Capture)
    • Investigating problems and finding solutions to synchronising between devices (e.g. motion capture with audio and video)


Analysis software

  • Max, Pro Tools, MATLAB (MIRToolbox, MoCapToolbox), Apple Numbers           


Kurssit, joissa opettajana / Courses Taught (2014-2017)

  • MMTS060 Seminar
    • The course prepares students for writing their final Pro Gradu through presentations, group work, peer-assessment. Seminar topics include the scientific method, strategies on deciding on a Masters thesis topic, and strategies to remain productive throughout the course of their studies. Networking between students and research staff is promoted through the use of Idea Cafés, an informal gathering in which students can sit down to discuss research topics with potential thesis advisors.
  • MMTS011 Music Psychology 1
    • The course is a survey on the main sub-fields of music psychology research. The course features guest lectures given by several of the researchers within the Music Department. Thus, the course also introduces students to the department’s research strategy. Topics include embodied music cognition, music and well-being, psychology of music performance, and music & emotions.

  • MMTS012 Music Psychology 2 
    • In groups of 2-3 students prepare presentation on a self-chosen topic within the field of Music Psychology. The second assignment is to write a literature review on a self-chosen topic.
  • MMTS021 Music Perception 1
    • The course is a survey on the main sub-fields of music perception research including topics such as the auditory system, psychoacoustics, entrainment in music production and perception, music and memory. A practical component teaches students to analyse different type of data (motion capture, fMRI data) within the MATLAB and Max environments. The students also participate in a class blog at mmtfinland.wordpress.com and are encouraged to write about the aspects of Music Perception research that interest them the most.

  • MMTS022 Music Perception 2
    •  In groups of 2-3, students design, carry out, and report an original research project, or reproduce an experiment carried out in a seminal study on music perception.

  • MMTS047 Music Computing
    • Introduction to digital audio analysis software (MATLAB MIRToolbox & Max/MSP and development of programming skills in MATLAB and Max.

  • MMTS080 Music and Multimedia Development for Musicologists
    • This course focuses on creating projects within the Max 7 programming environment. While exploring Max's many MIDI, audio and video objects, students develop transferable skills in authoring interactive multimedia projects. Students are encouraged to develop projects that require gesture controlled input devises such as game controllers, MYO arm sensors or data streamed from the Qualisys optical motion capture system. Depending on the student’s goals for the course, the projects result in either an artistic venture (i.e. an interactive compositional multimedia system), or a software used for Musicology Research (i.e. an interface for collecting participant data within a music perception research study).


Maisteriopiskelijat / Pro Gradu Students


Tohtorikoulutettavat / Current Doctoral Students


Community Outreach

  • Promoting the work of the MMT programme to online platforms


Muut vastuualueet / Other Responsibilities

  • Team leader eEducation project: Music Psychology Online: Adopting self-directed learning approaches at the Music Department  (awarded €11,000 for 2016 from University of Jyväskylä) (Link to https://www.jyu.fi/hankkeet/eeducation)


Julkaisut / Publications