About Jyväskylä & The Venue


In February 2017, the highest temperature was 5 degrees Celsius, and the lowest was -24 degrees Celsius. Always check the weather predictions in advance, but also prepare for a little bit of unpredictability. Layers are your best friend!

City information

Check out the Official City Website
Getting around in Jyväskylä is best done via the green Linkki busses. Tickets valid for 1 hour can be bought from the bus driver for 3€.
  • More info on where to get bus cards
  • Linkki Bus timetable (enter your departure location in Mistä, arrival location in Mihin)

Campus information

The University of Jyväskylä has three campuses in the city. JYU’s Musica building (M) located in the Seminaarinmäki campus is where the conference will take place.

During your stay

Some nice greetings in Finnish:
  • Moi / Hei / Terve = Hello, Hi
  • Kiitos / Kiitti = Thank you/Thanks
  • Moi moi, hei hei, heippa, moikka = Goodbye, Bye