Dr Emma Stanmore, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences is the Deputy Lead for the Healthy Ageing Research Group (the University of Manchester). Emma has over 20 years combined experience in healthcare, research and teaching with a particular focus on health innovation (new ways of delivering care or use of digital health technologies to promote uptake, access to services and avoid hospitalisation) and the promotion of healthy ageing. She has completed research projects, amongst other topics, on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Exergames for falls prevention exercises amongst older people. Her current program of research focuses on using gamification to improve health literacy and prevent functional decline in older adults.

Dr. Nicholas Taylor, Assistant Professor of Digital Media at North Carolina State University, is interested in digital gaming cultures and the many forms of communication and work that sustain them. His research interests broadly concern the role of digital gaming and play in our everyday lives, and the new and re-mediated forms of communication, sociality, work and labor that coalesce around digital games. Taylor is particularly interested in the growing professionalization of video game play, through the rise of competitive gaming (aka "eSports") communities and the leagues, clans, and tournaments that constitute the emerging eSports industry.