Seminar venue

The seminar will take place on the Seminaarinmäki Campus, the oldest of the three University of Jyväskylä’s campus areas. It is also the one closest to the town center: all services, including most hotels in the area, are well within walking distance, and the Travel Center, where all long distance busses and trains arrive, is about 1.5 kilometers away.

Our programme is located in two buildings:

Liikunta (L building, home to the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences) 
Address: Keskussairaalantie 1, on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/GebKmoj1pQp

Musica (M building, home to the department of Music, Arts and Culture Studies)
Address: Seminaarinkatu 15, on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/6ZqLFSuQmt52

Both buildings have a wireless network. All attendees will get a personal login and password. Our campus also has Eduroam. You can register to Eduroam network, if your organization provides it for their members. You install Eduroam at https://cat.eduroam.org/.

Closest restaurants and cafes:

  • P building: Lozzi student restaurant (our recommendation for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday)
  • T building: Tilia staff restaurant (our recommendation for lunch on Friday)
  • B building: Libri cafe & Libri student restaurant 
  • C building: Belvedere cafe, also serves soup lunch

Seminar venues and campus restaurants & cafés are marked on the map.
Larger map (jpg)
Printable map (pdf)


Around Jyväskylä

The easiest way to get around Jyväskylä is walking.

Alternatively, you can take bus. Multiple busses (number 21, 25,27) leaves from the local bus hub on Vapaudenkatu towards Seminaarinmäki Campus. The journey takes from 4 to 10 minutes and costs 3 euros. The stops closest to the campus are called “Pitkäkatu” and “Seminaarinkatu 2”, depending on the bus. The route advisor can be found at: https://jyvaskyla.digitransit.fi/

You can get tickets to and information on local buses at Linkki service center on the ground floor of shopping center Forum (Kauppakatu 20–22; open 9 a.m.–5 p.m.). Tickets can also be bought in the buses with cash.

Should you require a taxi, you can order one at: +358 100 6900. There is also a taxi stand right next to the Travel Center.