Workshop: Another Day at the Office - Composer Thrown into the Deep End

The purpose of this workshop is to simulate a normal situation in a game music composer's work flow. Scenes, cinematics etc. can change rapidly and the composer has to react quickly to the changes. Guidelines can be in written or graphic form. There are sometimes even video materials which the composer can work with, but in any case, there will be changes along the way...

About the workshop

The workshop consists of a pre-assignment and an actual workshop meeting on Thursday November 16th from 15:15 to 19:15.

The workshop participants will work with a real-life case from the game company Remedy. The situation is not real, but it will imitate a real hectic moment in a composing / sound design work process.

There will be a pre-assignment where the participants receive pre-material: guidelines and a framework from the "producer", "dramaexcel" and maybe even a video clip! The participants will receive the pre-material on Friday 10.11. and they have time until 16.11. to make a first draft for the scene.

In the actual workshop the participants will meet "the nasty producer" who will tell that there some changes to made ASAP (before the showdown). Then the participants have to react during the workshop to these changes and make a new version.

The material for the workshop is coming from Remedy Entertainment and it is a real clip from the video game which the coach of the workshop, Mr. Petri Alanko has been working with.

Workshop contact session will be held at the University of Jyväskylä (JYU) and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) premises on 16.11.2017 from 15:15 to 19:15. There will be an open public feedback discussion about the results and the process next day (17.11.). This discussion is part of the symposium programme.

About the Workshop Coach

Composer and sound designer Petri Alanko is an established name in the field of video game score music composing. Petri Alanko's composing and sound design works can be heard for example in Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Trials Fusion (composer, sound designer) and in Hay Day (sound design, UI sounds). Alanko is also one of the keynotes of the symposium.


Device Requirements

  • Bring your own device and software of your choice. You can also work in the small groups.
  • If you are a student or a member of staff at Suomalainen Musiikkikampus premises (JYU/JAMK/JAO) you can use this equipment as well (e.g. Ableton Live in Musica?)
  • There are 3 to 4 Logic X + Native Instruments Komplete 10 packages and few Pro Tools which you can use if you are not able to bring your own device to the contact session. Just let the technical admin Ilari Miikkulainen know about your situation (ilari.miikkulainen@jamk.fi ). In this case it is highly recommended that you make your pre-assignment also with Logic X.

Skill and Competence Requirements

This workshop is aimed at computer based music enthusiasts who are interested in game music. Previous experience and work with music software is necessary (software of your own choice). There are no mandatory courses which the participant should have completed. As we all know, there are a number of courses and degree programs which prepare one to become a game music composer. In addition to previous experience with audio software, software instruments and other technical skills, for example background in traditional music theory, band playing experiecne, and/or EDM-composing skills can be beneficial skills. And last but not least: the right attitude and an open mind!

If you have anything to ask concerning the workshop content and/or about the requirements please not hesitate to ask: ilari.miikkulainen@jamk.fi

The pre-assignment and other detailed workshop material (dropbox) will be delivered to you via e-mail after you have registered to the workshop.

Number of participants to this workshop = max 20


Register by 13.11. by sending an email to Ilari Miikkulainen, ilari.miikkulainen@jamk.fi  - please include:

1) Shortly your background with computer-based music composing & sound design work.

2) What software are you going use for the pre-assignment?

3) Are you able to bring your own device or do you need to use equipment from JYU/JAMK (Logic X/protools)

4) Are you going to work independently or in a small group with your pre-assignment

This information is needed so that we can plan beforehand a tailor made workshop process. It is possible that you will work in small groups during the actual workshop day. 

You will receive the pre-assignment material (Dropbox) after registration. Deadline for registration is 13.11. The participants will be chosen in the order of registration. Finnish participants can send their registration e-mail in Finnish.

If you have anything to ask, do not hesitate to ask!

Let's have fun and make some music!