Finnish Phrase Book

When travelling in Finland, most of the signs will be in Finnish and Swedish, and only rarely in English. Here are a few useful words you might need while travelling in Finland.

Everyday Words

  • Kiitos                thank you

  • Moi/hei                hi/hello (‘moi moi’ can also be used for ‘bye’)

  • Tervetuloa             welcome

  • Puhutko englantia?        Do you speak english?

  • En puhu suomea.        I don’t speak Finnish

Excuse me!/Sorry!


Travelling Words

  • Asema                station

  • Rautatieasema         railway station. In Helsinki the bus stop nearest to the        station is called “Rautatientori” (railway station market).

  • Juna                 train

  • Kaukojunat             long-distance trains

  • Kaukoliikenne            long-distance transport

  • Lähijunat            local trains

  • Laituri                 platform

  • Linja-auto, linkki, bussi      bus, coach

  • Pysäkki             bus stop

  • Lähtöaika            departure time

Jyväskylä Words

  • Keskusta             centre, city centre

  • Kompassi            Literally “compass”, an intersection in the centre between Sokos and H&M. A popular meeting point and landmark.

  • Kortepohja             The part of town where the student village accommodation is located  

  • Majoitus            accommodation

  • Opiskelija             student

  • Seminaarinmäki        Seminaarinmäki campus of University of Jyväskylä, where also the Department of Music is located

  • Yliopisto             university

Finns tend to add more letters into words or change the endings instead of little words like “in”, “to”, “for” or the like, so never mind if the words look slightly different!