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A number of Workshops will be offered in parallel sessions on the 9th of June.  These will be short, introductory sessions, lasting an hour and a half.  They will each cover a practical technique which may be used in music research, therapy, performance or education.  There are six to choose from, depending on your interests:

  • Motion Capture - Grab your reflective markers and learn how to record human movement, just like they did in Lord of the Rings.  Session run by Emily Carlson, Joshua Bamford and Susan Johnson.
  • Music Information Retrieval - An introduction to the MIRToolbox in MATLAB, developed at the University of Jyväskylä, and how it can be used for musical analysis.  Session run by Pasi Saari and Martin Hartmann. See the introduction slides and the hand-out.
  • Music Technology / Music Tower - Play around with some of the latest musical gadgets.  This will include a showcase of some of the new musical interfaces developed in Jyväskylä.  Session run by Mikko Myllykoski.
  • Heart-rate Variability - Record your own beat, and explore the research applications of this technology.  Session run by Olivier Brabant and Felix Loß.
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy - Good Vibrations: Exposure to low-frequency sound vibration in therapeutic settings.  Session run by Elsa Campbell.
  • Active Music Therapy - Participate in some group music making, with a discussion of the principles behind Music Therapy.  Session run by Zsuzsa Földes and Marilena Salta.

Each participant may sign up for one workshop using the following form:


Social Programme

Conferences shouldn't all be hard work.  In the evenings we will have a range of social events to help us all get acquainted with the city and each other.  We hope to be able to offer you some typically Finnish experiences during your short stay.

  • Tuesday - For those who arrive early, or who take part in the Motion Capture workshop, there will be an informal city tour and social get-together.
  • Wednesday - Welcome Party
  • Thursday - Conference Dinner
  • Friday - Talent Night in Boombox, followed by a night out on the town and some traditional Finnish karaoke.
  • Saturday - Afternoon on an island.  We'll go for sauna and a swim at Lehtisaari, to recover from the week.



More information to follow.