"It is self-evident that nothing concerning art is self-evident." -Theodor Adorno, 1969

Researching Paintings

We can research paintings in several levels; we can date, authenticate and find answers to your questions about the history of your art work. Scientific techniques support our art historical research in the very element and pigment level.

Our conservator and art historians make inventory and conservator´s study to the object. It means, that they examine the painting first as whole - its composition, details, painting technique, materials and condition. Possible markings and the signatures are documented for the use authentication and provenance research.

For material technical research we research material, pigments and elements, also from the canvas or panel the painting was painted at the time. With different techniques we can have more essential info about the painting in element level, which helps, on their side, to discover the history of the painting and also its authenticity. The chosen techniques in the research depends on what the customer wants to know from the painting.