Lehtonen et al.: Documentary theatre as a platform for hope and social justice

The refugee crisis in 2015 brought a tipping point for Europe regarding asylum seekers and refugees from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Finland received over 32,000 asylum seekers. Amongst them hundreds were artists, such as actors, musicians, poets, dancers, and circus artists. This convergence of asylum seekers and refugees resulted in heated media debates and polarised discussions about “refugee flows” and “leaking borders”. Many artists and researchers took part in the public discussion by taking a firm stand against harsh asylum policies via their work. This chapter will discuss one collaborative project, a documentary theatre project Other Home (in Finnish: Toinen koti), and the process in which a hybrid community of artistic expression was formed.

Lehtonen, J. & Pöyhönen, S. (2019). Documentary theatre as a platform for hope and social justice. In E. Anttila & A. Suominen (eds.) Critical Articulations of Hope from the Margins of Arts Education. International Perspectives and Practices. London: Routledge, 31–44.