CALS has well-functioning collaborative networks locally, nationally and internationally.

Locally, there is a long tradition of collaboration with the Department of Languages and the Finnish Institute for Educational Research which has resulted in several joint research projects over the years. Recently, a new multifaceted forum for cooperation and development, the Jyväskylä Language Campus, has been established as a joint effort of CALS, the Department of Language and Communication Studies, the Language Centre and the Department of Teacher Education to strengthen language-related teaching and research in the University of Jyväskylä.

Nationally, CALS collaborates actively with Finnish governmental organizations. The national responsibilities of the centre in the areas of language assessment and language education policy also involve cooperation with other Finnish universities, with educational institutions at all levels of education, and with a considerable number of teachers around Finland.

CALS plays also an important role in the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) by coordinating the Special Interest Groups for Language assessment (with the University of Helsinki) and Foreign or second language learning and teaching (with the University of Helsinki and the University of Vaasa).

Map of CALS international partnersInternationally, recent research cooperation has been particularly fruitful with colleagues from Lancaster University in research into diagnosing second/foreign language learning, and from the University of Wien in research in language learning and use in CLIL classrooms, and from the University of Birmingham in research on multilingual literacies. CALS also obtained European funding for EUROMOBIL II 2005-07 (Socrates/Lingua 2), a research-based project with partners from five other European universities and institutions to promote student mobility with the help of multimedia language learning and information programmes in nine languages.

Researchers in CALS are involved in the following international academic organizations and research networks:

  • AILA Research Network on CLIL and Immersion Classrooms
  • AILA Research Network on Task complexity and second language learning (TacoSell)
  • Nordic Network for Literacy Research
  • SLATE, Second Language Acquisition and Testing in Europe
  • EUROCALL, the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Langscape and Mobile language learning research groups
  • European Language Council Special Interest Groups on the Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom and Assessment and Multilingual Competence