…and information spreads

In the beginning, information was disseminated by means of a newsletter. The first issue of Kielikeskusuutisia, an A4 size duplicated leaflet, came out on 23.8.1973. At its best, the newsletter had a circulation of 3000 copies. In 1993, the name was changed into Kielikeskustelua. The readers’ favourite over the years has been the congress calendar. Another favourite and/or ‘disfavourite’ was the light column by Dumsky and Lukoff.


Since 1995, e-mail lists and the Internet have been used for disseminating information. The electronic Congress Calendar was maintained until the 2010s, and it was also the official congress calendar of the International Association for Applied Linguistics (AILA). Until the autumn 2016, there was also an e-mail list called KITU at linguists’ disposal. The list was substituted by the e-mail list Langnet maintained by the University of Helsinki.



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