Workshop: Aalto, Raapatti & Tukia


 Eija Aalto, Department of Teacher Education,
University of Jyväskylä and Kuokkala School
Katriina Rapatti, Hakunila School, Vantaa
Kaisa Tukia, Tiirismaa School, Lahti

 Language teaching and diversity: teaching of Finnish in plurilingual context


The workshop will concentrate on issues of majority language teaching in a plurilingual context. The focus will be on teaching of the Finnish language both as a mother tongue and as a second language. Usually these are considered as two separate fields. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to explore the interface between conventions applied in these two language teaching traditions. In order to encounter plurilingual language learners, it is vital to accomplish an approach that embraces teaching of a mother tongue and teaching of a second language as two facets of the common enterprise. The workshop is aims at bridging the dichotomy of the One (mother tongue) and the Other (a second language) in the field of teaching of Finnish by applying three perspectives which are curriculum, concept of language skills and plurilingualism.


The National Curriculum defines different syllabuses for Finnish as a mother tongue and Finnish as a second language. In the workshop the syllabuses are explored focusing on language structures and literacy skills. How are  they comprised in the curriculum? How does the curriculum meet the plurilingual context? How could syllabuses form a continuum?


The concept of language skills will be studied through different types of exercises. How do they train language skills? What kinds of learning processes do they engage?


Plurilingualism is a resource for language teaching that, as of now, has not been fully discovered. How can teaching of Finnish benefit from a plurilingual learner group? How can the plurilingual group increase language awareness and motivate learning?


Within these three perspectives our aim is to build on experiences of both teachers and learners.