Workshop: Joseph Lo Bianco



Joseph Lo Bianco, University of Melbourne

A closer look at making and shaping language education policies and practices


In this session I will extend the theoretical underpinning of my keynote to look closely at what language practices are, (arguing that these are frozen past policies, made policies taken for granted), and contrasting these with the residual practice of here-and-now communication.  By destabilising our sense of what we have inherited we can expand our sense of power over the resources from the past and influence them for better directions in the future. I will look closely at several settings, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China and the United States, contrasting the claims of bilingualism, English and the questions of language education, heritage and communication rights, ‘mainstream’ representations of opportunity and advantage, comparatice statistics about education performance.  These will be tied to the framework of language education policy proposed  and struggles around what language policies ‘should say’.