Research projects in this area tackle emerging, current challenges posed to language use and language learning such as multilingualism, multiculturalism, and technological development in society.

Research on practices of language learning and language education deals with multilingual, multicultural and multimedia learning environments, teaching through a foreign language, development of language proficiency and language teaching materials, investigated as social and cultural practices and actions that take place and develop in a range of situations, with the focus on different educational levels. Research conducted within this area also includes studies on pedagogic cultures in transition in Finland and the neighboring countries, Russia and the Baltic states.

Research on language use and literacy practices focuses on the investigation of languages for specific purposes, such as practices in academic, business and other professional settings or in classroom interaction, including written, oral, and multimodal practices. Research in this area is related to the question of what type of literacy skills are needed in the beginning of the 21st century that modern language teaching and learning should focus on.

Research on Language Learning and Literacy Practices is closely intertwined with the other focal areas of research in CALS, i. e. on language assessment and language education policies.



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