Merja Kauppinen


Merja Kauppinen works as a lecturer in mother tongue and literature at the Department of Teacher Education. She is also a postgraduate student in CALS.  Her theoretical and practical expertise in the project is valuable, especially in interpreting the values and goals of basic education. In this project, Kauppinen is the researcher in charge of analysing national core curricula in the first stage and school-specific curricula in the third stage. In her dissertation, Kauppinen explores how language learning and literacy practices are constructed in the national core curriculum for basic education. The data of her study consist of curricula in 1970, 1985, 1994 and 2004. In analysing the data, she focuses on how the learning objectives and core contents of education are defined in the general parts of curricula and in specific subjects. She also examines to what extent the goals have changed during the past 35 years, and especially in mother tongue and literature. In addition, she explores how well the goals of specific subjects are in accordance with the general goals. Moreover, Kauppinen analyses the cross-curricular possibilities of learning and teaching literacy practices in languages, social studies and visual arts.