Sanna Voipio-Huovinen


Sanna Voipio-Huovinen is a postgraduate student in the Finnish Graduate School of Language Studies LANGNET. Her doctoral thesis focuses on bilingualism and the support for bilingualism and bi-literacy in Finnish schools among Russian and Somali-speaking immigrant pupils. She explores how bilingualism is realised in the pupils’ lives, and what kind of support school, family members and friends give them in achieving bilingualism and bi-literacy. The data consist of ethnographic interviews of the participants as well as proficiency assessments of the pupils in Finnish as a second language and their mother tongue.  The major interview themes are language choice in different domains and contexts, perceptions of proficiency in Finnish and mother tongue, attitudes to languages, perceptions of bilingualism, and support for bilingualism and bi-literacy. Additionally, different power relations in schools and society are discussed in order to analyse further possibilities for promoting bilingualism and bi-literacy.

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