Conference papers: Assessment and feedback practices

Huhta, Ari  Self and Peer Assessment in Second and Foreign Language Education in Finland. Presentation in the featured colloquium ‘Language Assessment in the EMI Tertiary Context’ organized by Liying Cheng, Liying & Hamp-Lyons, Liz. ‘Language Issues in English-medium Universities: A Global Concern’ Conference. Hong Kong University. 18.-20.6.2008.

Huhta Ari &  Tarnanen Mirja. Looking at assessment and feedback practices from multiple perspectives. 29th Language Testing Research Colloquium. Barcelona, Espanja, 11.6.2007

Huhta, Ari, & Tarnanen, Mirja. Assessment and feedback practices in the Finnish comprehensive school. Paper presented at conference: Language, Education and Diversity, Hamilton, New Zealand, 21.-24.11.2007.

Huhta, Ari, Tarnanen, Mirja & Neittaanmäki, Reeta 2008. Students assessment of FL proficiency and its relationship with teachers’ grades and background variables in Finland. Poster presentation at the 30th Language Testing Research Colloquium. Hangzhou, China. 25.-28.6.2008.

Tarnanen, Mirja & Huhta, Ari. First and foreign language assessment practices at schools. Paper presented at conference: 4th EALTA conference, 16.6.2007, Sitges.

Luukka Minna-Riitta & Hovila Elina. Vaikeaa mutta tarpeellista - yläkoulun opettajien näkemyksiä kirjoittamisen opetuksesta ja palautteen antamisesta. AFinLA autumn symposium. Tampere, 160, 12.11.2009