Research cooperation

The project has been designed as a collaborative project with shared interests with national and international partners in the field of applied linguistics, education and cultural studies. We examine current literacy practices, prevailing attitudes and values in co-operation with the Centre of Excellence in Research for the Study of Variation, Contacts and Change in English, especially with its research team at the University of Jyväskylä (Sirpa Leppänen, Anne Pitkänen-Huhta & Tarja Nikula). In analysing the Finnish pupils’ out-of-school literacy practices, we concentrate on their mother tongue practices and foreign language practices, excluding English. These findings will be analysed together with the CoE data on English literacy practices of the Finnish youth. Immigrant pupils’ in- and out-of-school practices will be explored in co-operation with researchers specialised in bilingualism (e.g. Eija Kuymcu, University of Stockholm, Centre for Research in Bílingualism) and multi­lingual practices and education (e.g. Marilyn Martin-Jones and Adrian Blackledge, University of Birmingham).


In analysing school literacies, we are cooperating with the members of the Nordic Network for Literacy Research; experts in language assessment (e.g. Gudrun Erickson, University of Göteborg, Sweden) and new learning environments and literacy (e.g. Jean Conacher, University of Limerick and Therese Örnberg Berglund, HumLAB, University of Umeå). Interventions will be conducted with the projects MAILL – Mediated action and interaction in language learning and work based at the University of Oulu (Leena Kuure, Maarit Saarenkunnas et al.). In addition to these, we also cooperate with researchers from the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre (e.g. David Barton, Roz Ivanič). The cooperation is in the form of scholar exchange, workshops and joint publications.