Developing language awareness in subject classes

‘Every teacher is a language teacher’ is one of the central ideas of the project ‘Developing language awareness in subject classes’. The project aims at promoting the importance of language skills across school subjects by raising subject teachers’ awareness of the role that language plays in all knowledge building. Of special interest are 12/13 -year old students who may because of, for example a migration background, struggle with language in subject classes. The project has a very concrete aim: it will design samples of teaching materials for different subject classes. This material will enable teachers, first, to diagnose the language problems their students have, and second, to support these students languagewise. In addition, different ways to draw on students’ multilingual and multicultural repertoires will be explored.
*Developing language awareness in subject classes’ is based on the Language Descriptors -project, which set out to develop CEFR-based language descriptors for mathematics and history/civics for two ages groups: 12/13- and 15/16-year old students. The findings of the Language Descriptor-project indicate that  12/13-year old students will need at least B1 level skills to reach competence goals in history/mathematics.