Northern Multilingualism: Discourses, Practices and Experiences of Linguistic Diversity in North Calotte

Head of the project: Prof. Sari Pietikäinen, Department of Languages

Responsible researcher: Sirkka Laihiala-Kankainen, Senior researcher, Centre for Applied Language Studies (responsible for collecting and analyzing the data concerning Skolt and Kildin Sámi and Russia)

Duration: 2008–2011

Funding: Academy of Finland


The project examined multilingualism in the North Calotte. The area that surpasses the borders of four countries was studied as a contact zone where different cultures and languages meet, clash, and struggle with each other in various situations and operational environments. The project was linked with a previous study dealing with multilingualism, relationships between languages, and the tension between language and globalization. Research was carried out on the discourses, practices and experiences of linguistic diversity in eight locations in four countries. Data were analyzed using methods from discourse analysis, ethnography, and sociolinguistics with the goal of developing novel approaches to conceptualizing multilingualism.


Publications (involving the CALS)

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Photographic exhibitions

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