ReadAll: Technology-enhanced environment for supporting reading development in all learners

Project leads: Ulla Richardson (CALS), Juha-Matti Latvala (Niilo Mäki Institute)

Project members: Lea Nieminen (CALS), Vesa Rantanen (Niilo Mäki Institute), Ville Mönkkönen (Niilo Mäki Institute), Mika Halttunen (CALS), Jarkko Hautala (Department of Psychology)

Duration and funding information: 2014-2017, Academy of Finland (TULOS)  

The aim of ReadAll project is to provide a cost effective and effective game environment to help children to learn to read and to practice their basic reading skills. Our objective is to develop further and validate technology-enhanced tool GraphoGame (GG) for reading support which moves from technical accuracy training to training fluent reading skills for retrieving meaning of written texts. In addition, GG includes a screening system to detect difficulties in reading which individually guides learners to appropriate level of training material. Although our research focuses on Finnish language learners we aim to gain evidence on the efficacy of the further developed tool so that it will be also generalizable to other languages and eventually provide needed learning support worldwide.