Petteri Laihonen

Academy Research Fellow


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Ag C516.2


Laihonen’s research deals with language ideologies and (educational) language policy in multilingual contexts. It develops sociolinguistic theory and extends research to Eastern Europe. It has societal impact on the life of research participants and investigated communities and institutions.


Language Ideologies and the Csángó Educational Program:
A Case of Inventing or Erasing Language?


Tutka, Jyväskylä University Digital Archive
Latest publications:
Laihonen, P., & Szabó, T. P. 2018. Studying the visual and material dimensions of education and learning. Linguistics and Education, 44: 1-3.
Laihonen, P., & Tódor, E.-M. 2017. The changing schoolscape in a Szekler village in Romania: signs of diversity in rehungarization. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 20 (3): 362- 379. 
doi:10.1080/13670050.2015.1051943 Open access
Laihonen, P., & István, Cs. 2017. Kísérlet egy összehasonlító vizsgálatra : a nyelvi tájkép dél-szlovákiai, székelyföldi és kárpátaljai falvakban. Regio. Kisebbség Kultúra Politika Társadalom, 25 (3): 50-81.
doi:10.17355/rkkpt.v25i3.172 Open access
Laihonen, P. & Szabó, T. P.  2017. Investigating visual practices in educational settings : Schoolscapes, language ideologies and organizational cultures. In M. Martin-Jones,& D. Martin (Eds.), Researching Multilingualism: Critical and ethnographic perspectives (pp. 121-138). Routledge.
Laihonen, P. 2016. Beware of the dog! Private Linguistic Landscapes in two ’Hungarian’ villages in South-West Slovakia. Language Policy 15/4: 373‒391.
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Presentations at Tutka 


Laihonen, P. & Szabó, T. P. 2015. What can the schoolscape offer for becoming multilingual?

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