Post-graduate studies

The Centre for Applied Language Studies offers postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics leading to a doctoral or licentiate’s degree. The CALS organizes postgraduate education in its own fields of expertise. The research topics of our postgraduate students are related to their supervisor’s field of expertise (see list of supervisors and their fields) such as mother tongue or second/foreign language learning or teaching, language testing, the relationship of culture and identities, language policy, and language education policy.

At the University of Jyväskylä, you can do postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics at the Centre for Applied Language Studies and at the Department of Language and Communication Studies. Please, familiarize yourself with the research and supervision fields at both departments before applying for a study right.

Who can become a postgraduate student in the CALS?

The basis of postgraduate education is a higher university degree (Master’s degree) from a university or university of applied sciences in Finland or abroad. You can apply for admission if you have a Master’s degree. Because research in Applied Linguistics is multidisciplinary, postgraduate studies in the CALS are suitable for those who have majored in languages or linguistics or for students of education and social sciences interested in language-related questions.

Why become a postgraduate student in the CALS?

It is worthwhile becoming a postgraduate student in the CALS if you want to pursue further studies and do research in Applied Linguistics or pursue further qualifications.

Postgraduate studies can be pursued in several ways: some of our students participate as doctoral researchers in the department’s research projects, others pursue their studies more independently alongside their fulltime jobs or with the aid of a grant.

Take a look at the short presentation videos below!

Please, contact Senior researcher Mia Halonen (main representative of the subject Applied Linguistics) for further information!