Practices in doctoral training at CALS

General information and instructions regarding doctoral studies can be found at the homepage of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  On this page you can find instructions specific to CALS. 

Applying for admission
  • If you're interested in applying for our doctoral programme please contact senior researcher Mia Halonen in order to discuss your research idea. Familiarize yourself with the Faculty's Guide for prospective doctoral students. The guide has also information on application periods.
  • The CALS' team of supervisors discusses the applications and chooses which of the applications it will recommend to the Dean. The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences makes the final decision on accepting the applications. The main criterion for granting admission is that the research topic is related to the CALS' focal research areas and the professors and researchers at the CALS can act as supervisors. Further information on the application process in the Guide for prospective doctoral students.
Progression of studies
  • Starting the studies: The student contacts his/her main supervisor and appoints a meeting or supervision discussion.
  • Enrolment:  The instructions for enrolling annually for attendance or non-attendance are in the Guide for Doctoral Students. The annual enrolment is very important for maintaining the right to study active. If there are some changes in your contact information, please make the changes in Korppi and inform Maija Lappalainen (until August 31st, 2018 Eeva-Leena Haapakangas) at the CALS.
  • Responsibilities of the student, supervisors and the CALS: 
    • The responsibilities of the student and the supervisors in the Guide for Doctoral Students (under Supervisors).
    • CALS has a mailing list and a website with information about current issues in postgraduate studies. CALS organizes joint and topic-specific seminars to students regularly. CALS also informs students about PhD courses organized by the faculty and university.
    • The CALS Development group for postgraduate studies is responsible for the planning and development of postgraduate studies and supervision practices. The development group is responsible for the student having a working supervision (explicitly named supervisors) and a continuity of supervision even if there would be changes in supervisors’ affiliations etc.
  • Follow-up group: A follow-up group is formed for each doctoral student, further instructions in the Faculty's Guide for Doctoral Students. Specifications regarding follow-up groups at CALS:
  • Final stages of studies: See the Faculty's Guide for the Doctoral Candidate (information on examination of both licentiate and doctoral theses).
    • CALS will take care of the reservation of the venue for the examination as well as the travel and accommodation of the examiner(s). Together the student and CALS secretary are responsible for organizing the coffee service immediately after the examination. The doctoral student is responsible for organizing the possible postdoctoral party (karonkka) in the evening.