Doctoral seminars and other meetings

Doctoral seminars

We organize doctoral seminars twice a year. You can also attend seminars via remote connection. We will inform about the seminars per e-mail.

CALS' writing clinics

CALS organizes writing clinics for its doctoral students every few weeks. The clinics have different topics related to writing, the topics can be:

  • developing an article/a chapter in a monograph and reacting to reviewers’ comments, peer commenting
  • developing all kinds of written outputs (funding applications, abstracts, research questions etc.)
  • generally topics related to publishing (where to publish, when to publish)

The main purpose of the writing clinics is to concretely work with students’ texts. Writing clinics will offer you valuable feedback from other doctoral students and supervisors. You have the opportunity to participate in the clinics also virtually. 

Networking and sharing on Yammer

CALS has a Yammer network for its doctoral studies. Both students and supervisors can be members in the network. Yammer is like Facebook for organisations: members of the network can, for example, discuss and share interesting topics, documents and links. Students' texts to be discussed in writing clinic meetings are shared on Yammer before the meeting. Students are invited to the CALS' PhD studies network when they start their studies.

CALS and Language Campus research seminars and writing meetings

Students are encouraged to participate in CALS and Language Campus research seminars and writing meetings which are announced in their mailing lists. CALS' doctoral students are on CALS' mailing list automatically.