Supervisors and their fields

CALS team of supervisors

The team is comprised of CALS professors and researchers with a PhD together with the person responsible for study affairs and one postgraduate student. CALS team of supervisors supports the professor responsible for postgraduate studies and the pedagogical director in doctoral study affairs. Its central functions include strategic planning of doctoral studies and selection of doctoral students.

Development group for doctoral studies

Development group for doctoral studies coordinates the implementation of doctoral studies with the pedagogical director.

CALS' team of supervisors:

CALS' staff

Mia Halonen interaction, performances, (language) ideologies, sociophonetics and perception studies, popular culture
Ari Huhta language assessment (types of testing, effects, use in instruction, use as a research instrument), language proficiency, knowing a language as a phenomenon, linking assessment and learning
Marita Härmälä language assessment (types of testing, effects, use in instruction, use as a research instrument), assessment of learning outcomes, vocational language proficiency, vocational qualifications
Petteri Laihonen language ideologies, linguistic minorities, minority schools, multilingualism, qualitative research, interaction research, interview research, fieldwork, Linguistic Landscape/Schoolscape research
Lea Nieminen development of language proficiency (first language acquisition, disorders in language development, learning to read)
Tarja Nikula-Jäntti teaching in a foreign language, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), research on classroom interaction, pragmatics and discourse research, conceptions of language
Sari Pöyhönen language education policies, migration policy; language, identity, and belonging; narrative analysis; linguistic ethnography, creative inquiry in applied linguistics (I'm not able to take new post-graduate students at the moment)
Ulla Richardson technology enhanced language learning; reading development; dyslexia; speech processing, phonetics and phonology; interventions and reading skill assessments
Taina Saarinen language education policy, political discourses, comparative education policy, language education in higher education, internationalization of education
Taina Tammelin-Laine  Finnish as a second language, adult literacy learners, language assessment
Heidi Vaarala migrants and (language) education, Finnish as a second language, literature and second language learning, digital  text skills, language education policies
Sabine Ylönen development of language proficiency (German as a foreign language, data-driven learning, multimodal pedagogy), language education policy (multilingualism, motivation), research on texts and discourses, communication for professional and special purposes
Other members
Riikka Alanen, Dept. of Teacher Education development of language proficiency (English as a foreign language, learning as a sociocultural phenomenon, language awareness and conceptions of language)
Juha Jalkanen, Language Centre pedagogical development in technology-rich environments, co-design of teaching and learning practices, educational change, language teaching and technology, digital literacy
Jarmo Jantunen, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies lexicology, phraseology; language learning and learner's dictionaries; learner language and translationese; corpus studies
Leontjev Dmitri, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies language assessment (use in and as instruction, use as a research instrument, impact), linking assessment and learning, merging assessment and teaching, feedback
Kristiina Skinnari, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies teaching through a foreign language (CLIL), language learner identities, teachers' professional identities and agency, ecological perspective to language learning, school ethnography
Tamás Pé­ter Szabó, Dept. of Teacher Education linguistic landscapes, schoolscapes, multilingualism, language education, language ideologies, Conversation Analysis
Peppi Taalas, Language Centre multimodal pedagogies, technology integrated language teaching, online learning, educational change, changing learning cultures, teacher staff development
Mirja Tarnanen, Dept. of Teacher Education language education (pedagogic practices), language assessment, development of language proficiency (Finnish as a second language or mother tongue), language education policy
Riikka Ullakonoja, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies
phonetics, pronunciation, prosody, fluency, language learning, language assessment, oral proficiency

Doctoral students' representative in the team of supervisors is Sonya Sahradyan.