Migrant job seekers' language skills - views of labor officers

Researcher: Esther Leander

Supervisors: Sari Pöyhönen (PhD, professor) and Mirja Tarnanen (PhD, professor)

Duration: 2014 - ongoing

Description of the project

My PhD study discusses and analyses the views of Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office experts on migrants’ skills in Finnish national languages. I intend to find out how the experts verbalize/discuss/describe migrants before migrants’ language skills evaluation and integration plan interview; during integration period, official language studies and training and after the expiry of integration period, when all language courses and trainings have been completed. Additionally, I intend to find out the way experts articulate their perceptions and views in decision making.

My study findings will help labor experts, language educators and integration decision makers to support the existing teaching and learning methods and improve their skills in evaluation methods.  They’ll be encouraged to embrace migrants’ achieved language skills and make use of them accordingly.