Impacts of multimodal pedagogy on the learning process in a B2-language German group

Researcher: Marjo Markkanen

Supervisor: PhD Peppi Taalas

Research description

One of the challenges in language teaching nowadays is to increase learners' motivation in langugage learning. In order to create a basis for life-long learning, language teaching should support learners' autonomy and goal setting. Another challenge is the role of ICT in language teaching. Even though ICT has been used in schools for a long time, it's role has not been institutionalized. Teaching is often teacher-centered and doesn't encourage learners to take an active role in handling and producing knowledge. This study explores the possibilities to face these challenges: how learners can be encouraged to be active participants in their own language learning process and is it possible to awaken their interest and agency in the language by using new methods. It will also be examined how the learners can be motivated to use foreign language in their spare time and how multimodality which nowadays is an essential part of learners' ordinary life could be integrated in language teaching practices. The study is a holistic and longitudinal action research on development of learners' language self, motivation and agency. The data will be collected from one B2-German group starting in the beginning of the 8th grade and ending in the end of the 9th grade. Data collection methods will be questionnaires, interviews, learners self-assessments and observation.