Perceptions of plagiarism as a culturally-based concept in tertiary education: Academic English writing

Researcher: Kara Ronai

Description of the project

My doctorate focuses specifically on the interaction of plagiarism and culture as it relates to academic writing in English as a second/foreign language. Previous research on this topic has failed to reach clear conclusions, and direct cultural comparisons have been advocated for future research (Pecorari & Petrić, 2014). As such, four “national” cultures have been targeted for my research – Chinese, Australian, German, and Finnish. These groupings have been chosen due to perceptions that these national cultures fall within an Eastern/Western cultural dichotomy (Ronai & Lammervo, under review). To critically examine the relationship between plagiarism and culture in these four countries, tertiary plagiarism policies will be analysed, university teachers and students will be interviewed, and courses designed to educate students about plagiarism will be evaluated.