Understanding the Role of government and Non-governmental Organizations/ Associations of Applied Linguistics in Pakistan in framing language planning and policy to address English Language issues after post-colonialism

Description of the project

My research study focus is on Linguistic Associations' role, in providing pedagogical assistance to the teachers at primary and secondary schools of province of Sindh in Pakistan in the absence of language education policy. The findings will help teachers, policy makers, government agencies framing language education policy in a culture of Pakistan, where English, a colonial inheritance is widely viewed as offering Spatio-economic mobility. A thorough analysis through interviews of Linguistic Association representatives will be conducted to enhance understanding, view their role in empowering professionalism, meeting language needs to a diverse linguistic culture. I intend to analyze through observation, the practices, plans, and agendas of linguistic Association in addressing professional needs, framing, reviewing and analyzing the dynamic role of policies keeping in right context. How effectively these Linguistic associations empower teachers, enlighten stake holders and address emerging issues in language education.