After the Taliban : The new role and scope of the Language / Linguistic Association in Pakistani Language Policy

Description of the project

This research study is conducted to enlighten the specific role and practices of two Associations working as Language and Linguistic Association in post Taliban Pakistani context in relation to language policy planning mechanism.

Two main language / Linguistic Association , Society of Pakistani English teachers ( SPELT ) and Linguistic Association of Pakistan ( LAP ), these two associations are studied here due to their specific pedagogical practices such as conference, teacher developmental training and projects contributing into policy planning practices. The study further focuses on the changing dynamics of role and scope to operate as agents in different social and pedagogical situations that create often conflicting layers of language education in a multilingual society. 

The specific mechanism of language policy, creation, interpretation and appropriation is viewed through the narrow lens of small bodies like associations informed by multi-sited approach in an ethnographic setting of Pakistan.  

The project is funded by the Kone Foundation 2019-2023.