The main aim of the project is to understand better how second and foreign language proficiency in reading and writing develops in psycholinguistic and linguistic terms, and which features or combinations of features characterize different proficiency levels.

More specifically, we aim:

  • To evaluate existing diagnostic tasks, which measure a range of literacy-related skills and which have been developed to diagnose first language reading, in order to develop complementary tasks for L2 purposes, and to pilot test them.
  • To identify, using these tasks, the basic literacy-related skills that learners have in their first language as well as in the second/foreign language.
  • To validate and standardise the assessment tasks by collecting data from second language learners of English and Finnish.
  • To see if there is a relation between literacy skills in the mother tongue and in the target language (second language) and if these together or independently have an effect on second or foreign language development.

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