There are three main studies within this project, which focus on adapting a range of computerised and non-computerised L1 reading and psychological tasks for second and foreign language (S/FL) learners and on exploring their value in diagnosing L2 reading and writing.

  1. The first cross-sectional study explores the value of a range of diagnostic procedures in S/FL learning, in order to select the best predictors for further longitudinal study.
  2. The second study explores the effects on second language reading and writing of training in reading-related skills by means of a computerized learning game either in Finnish or in English.
  3. The third study explores the development of literacy skills longitudinally across a range of different learners and the relationship of this development to the diagnostic measures.

All three studies aim to develop diagnostic tools and procedures for second and foreign language reading and writing that can assess the strengths and weaknesses in learners' current proficiency and make valid predictions about the rate, quality, sequence and ultimate level of attainment of their learning.

The main groups studied will be Finnish learners of English, and immigrants learning Finnish in Finland.


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