The topic categories and communication purposes

The topic categories:

The topic categories in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced tests are the same, but the level of proficiency required varies. The list below covers the main topics of the examination.

A. Personal identification

B. Home and living

C. Everyday life

D. Social interaction

E. Travel

F. Health and well-being

G. Work

H. Environment and geography

I. Society

The communication purposes:

The communication purposes, i.e., functions, are more or less the same at all levels. The feature distinguishing the levels is the extent and variety of expression required.

  • At Basic level it is important that test-takers are able to convey their message at least in a rudimentary and short form.

  • At Intermediate level they are expected to express the functions in a more natural and appropriate manner.

  • At Advanced level they should be capable of expressing the functions effectively, naturally and appropriately, according to the situation.

The following list describes the central functions in the tests:

A. Giving and asking for information

B. Expressing one's own point of view

C. Expressing and enquiring about emotions and attitudes

D. Communication management

E. Acting according to social norms and practices

F. Communication strategies