The domain of philosophy is our relationship to reality as a whole. Philosophy in general is not an empirical science. Rather, it approaches central philosophical questions such as being, goodness, knowledge, action, meaning, time, and experience in a primarily conceptual and argumentative manner. However, philosophical study of fundamental topics such as the nature, possibilities, methods, and limits of scientific knowledge and the conditions of valid reasoning and justification also benefits more specialized disciplines.


In Jyväskylä, research in the field of philosophy has traditionally emphasized philosophical anthropology in the widest sense of the term: overarching themes include human experience, human capacities, and human communities. The unit is internationally known for its high-level research in the fields of critical theory, history of philosophy, phenomenology, and political philosophy, among others. The unit's researchers have also contributed to the development of multidisciplinary theoretical research methods and participated in societal discussions on topics such as education and equality. 


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