Sociology is a general social science that examines those features of social action and the social structure which are, to some extent, persistent. The topics of study in the field range from the actions of individuals to global issues.

As an empirical science, sociology analyses the data of social and cultural phenomena. It has a critical role in revealing societal dysfunctions and social evils and in presenting new interpretations of society and social practices.

Sociology offers new ways of perceiving and analysing social life. The methods and results of sociological research are widely used for decision-making and planning in areas such as education, health care, the environment and urban planning as well as in solving economic and social problems.

The purpose of studying sociology is to get acquainted with the main theoretical perspectives of the field and the acquisition of methodological tools for conceptualizing and studying social phenomena empirically.

In Jyväskylä, the most important research areas concern civil society, social movements and activism, the environment, consumption and lifestyle, life course and age, economics, and work. Current studies are looking into, among other issues, the Finnish environmental movement, wellness consumption, social media and activism, the life cycle of non-governmental organizations, and the relationship between social networks and income.


Sociology personnel