Welcome to the web pages of the Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care (CoE AgeCare). Our brand new CoE – together with 11 others, the focuses of which range from research on satellite technology to the study of ancient empires – represents a major investment by the Academy of Finland for the years 2018–2025. By their scale CoEs are the largest and the most long-term research projects funded in Finland. Also internationally, an 8-year funding is rare in the research world. In order to receive this funding, each proposal and team goes through a rigorous multiphase process, being evaluated by international experts who are looking particularly for proposals and teams that have potential to renew science. This time 179 teams applied and in the end 12 were funded.

The CoE scheme has existed in Finland since 1995 but our CoE is the very first to focus on ageing. It is time, finally. As we know, population ageing is currently transforming our societies. Not just in Finland, not just in Europe, but globally. We are on the brink of the era of the aged society – or even the superaged society – but our societies are rather unprepared. Policies to secure the provision of care and support to all those older people who need it are underdeveloped everywhere. So is our understanding of the manifold challenges but also opportunities, brought by ageing, that we are going to face in the near future. As such, ageing is studied eagerly in many disciplines and in different parts of the world but it is not common to connect the study of ageing and care with an analysis of ongoing societal change and global megatrends. This is however our mission. We are examining ageing particularly from the perspectives of transnationalisation and digitalisation.

Our CoE is based on close collaboration of social policy analysts, sociologists and social gerontologists. We come from three Finnish universities – University of Jyväskylä, University of Tampere and University of Helsinki – all of which are main hubs of social research in Finland and internationally. And this not a merely Finnish project. We are working together with a large global network of leading researchers of ageing and care, and certainly aim to contribute to the international debate. We are also planning to organise a number of international workshops, conferences and summer/winter schools that will support particularly early career researchers to develop their skills, perspectives and academic networks.

Through our website, Facebook and Twitter, we plan to keep you up-to-date of all our activities and publications. Welcome on board and stay tuned!

 Teppo Kröger

Leader of CoE AgeCare