Work packages


Thematic Unit 1. Care needs and inequalities (Leader: Teppo Kröger, JYU, RG1)

The first TU focuses on the ongoing change in health and care needs of people in old age. The TU covers demographic trends together with developments in functional abilities (WP1). The TU also analyses the ongoing process of ethnic heterogenisation of the older population and how care needs of ethnic minorities differ from other people in old age (WP2). Finally, the TU examines the issue and outcomes of unmet care needs, that is, care poverty among the older population (WP3). The TU directs particular attention to the development of inequalities among older people but also between them and other age groups. TU1 provides comprehensive knowledge on care needs, a key component of caregraphies.

  • Work package 1: Development of older people’s health and care needs (Leader: Marja Jylhä)
  • Work Package 2. Care needs of older migrants (Leader: Sirpa Wrede, UH, RG3)
  • Work Package 3. Care poverty (Leader: Teppo Kröger, JYU, RG1)


Thematic Unit 2. Agency and self-determination of older people (Leader: Outi Jolanki, UTA, RG2)

TU2 analyses the opportunities and constraints of older people to make choices and exercise selfdetermination in organising their care arrangements. These opportunities and constrains are examined as being created by social structures and policies and now undergoing substantial transformation. WP4 focuses on analysing the agency of older people in decision-making on their care and housing arrangements, while WP5 examines the applicability of the framework of Independent Living, created by the disability movement, in care for older people. WP6 focuses on the ways older people and their family members use new digital technologies in organising care. TU2 highlights the everyday level of linked ageing and caregraphies and their social backgrounds. 

  • Work Package 4. Agency of older people in decision-making (Leader: Outi Jolanki, UTA, RG2)
  • Work Package 5. Independent Living for older people (Leader: Teppo Kröger, JYU, RG1)
  • Work Package 6. Older people’s use of digital care technologies (Leader: Sakari Taipale, JYU, RG4)


Thematic Unit 3. Diversification of care work (Leader: Sirpa Wrede, UH, RG3)

TU3 analyses the significant changes that care work with older people is currently experiencing and how these changes affect caregraphies. WP7 will analyse the ‘rehybridisation’ of different models of care provisions and its implications for care work. WP8 focuses on the growing ethnic diversity of care workers and the development of new hierarchies among the workforce. WP9 will examine the current pervasive trend of digitalisation of care work and its contradictory outcomes. TU3 will highlight the importance and transitions of care work in linked ageing and caregraphies. 

  • Work Package 7. Rehybridisation of care (Leader: Teppo Kröger, JYU, RG1)
  • Work Package 8. Ethnic hierarchization of the care workforce (Leader: Sirpa Wrede, UH, RG3)
  • Work Package 9. Digitalisation of care work (Leader: Sakari Taipale, JYU, RG4)