Concluded Research Projects


Osallistaminen ilmastopolitiikassa. Project leader Marja Järvelä.


TRANSDOM: Transnational youth in civic action: young russian-speakers as agents of domestication in finnish and estonian civil societies. Project leader: Markku Lonkila

New alternatives for living and housing (ASUVA). JyU group leader: Teppo Kröger

Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland (SIMHE-UniPID). Project leader: Johanna Kivimäki

Gender and Philosophy: Developing learning and teaching practices to include underrepresented groups (GaP). Main researcher: Erika Ruonakoski

KYTKE – Connecting Universities and Communities in Central Finland.

DIGI 50+. Project leader: Prof. Terhi-Anna Wilska

Köyhä, läski ja roska - Jakautuvan Suomen eriarvoistuvat ruumiit. Project leader: Tiina Silvasti.

Labour Mobility in the EU: a Migrant Centered Study of Estonia-Finland and Albania-Italy Labour Mobility (IC). Principal investigator: Nathan Lillie.

The Intellectual Heritage of Radical Cultural Conservatism. Project leader: Prof. Mika Ojakangas.

Giovanni Botero and the Beginnings of Comparative Politics in the West. Project leader: Vasileios Syros


Counteracting Development Amnesia: Studies from the Periphery Project leader: Tiina Kontinen

Human Sociability in Medieval Philosophy Project leader: Research fellow Juhana Toivanen

Pathologies of Recognition Project leader: Prof. Jussi Kotkavirta

Post-industrial Work and Changing Time-Space Relations Project leader: Academy research fellow Timo Anttila

Self-Interest and Other-Regard in Late Ancient Ethics Project leader: Academy research fellow Miira Tuominen

Societal-institutional Regulation of Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Finland and Sweden Project leader: Prof. Tapio Litmanen

SO.S COHESION: COST Action IS1102 Social Services, Welfare State and Places Team leader/Finland: Prof. Teppo Kröger


CULTSPO - Local Cultural and Sport services: Access and participation Project leaders: Prof. Anita Kangas & Prof. Hannu Itkonen

Developing development studies - Phase II Project leader: Tiina Kontinen

FAT: Fatty foods and fat bodies. Diversification of ideals and practices in healthy eating Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Hannele Harjunen

ISCH COST Action IS1007 Investigating Cultural Sustainability Chair of the Action: Postdoctoral researcher Katriina Soini

Job-seeking Groups and the Restructuring of Opportunities in Finland since the 1990’s Project leader: Prof. Martti Siisiäinen

KUULTO - Activating Cultural Participation in Local Communities Project leader: Prof. Anita Kangas, Coordinator: Sari-Minna Havimäki

MOVAGE: Moving in Old Age: Transitions in Housing and Care Project leader: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Politics of participation and democratic legitimation in European Union Project leader: Prof. Marja Keränen

VIRTUE2020: Work, community and sustainable economy Project leader: Tiina Kontinen


A-LA-CARTE: Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and opportunities for resilience to be enhanced Project coordinator: Marja Järvelä

Encountering violence in social and health care organizations Project leader: Prof. Mikko Mäntysaari

EUPOLCON Principal investigator: University researcher Claudia Wiesner

FLOWS: Impact of Local Welfare Systems on Female Labour Force Participation and Social Cohesion Team leader/Finland: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Media and public memories Project leader: Academy research fellow Karina Horsti

The role of welfare services in participative citizenship of marginalized citizens Project leader: Prof. Aila-Leena Matthies

Transnational Work and Evolution of Sovereignty & Industrial Citizenship Principal investigator: University lecturer Nathan Lillie

Violence, Professional Practices and Occupational Health in Social and Health Care Sector Project leader: Senior researcher Marita Husso


Empowering Leadership in Global NGOs Project leader: University lecturer Tiina Kontinen

EMSE: Children’s Emotional Security in Multiple Family Relations Project leader: Prof. Kimmo Jokinen

Finnish NGOs as Actors in Development Co-operation Project leader: University lecturer Tiina Kontinen

Geographical and Social Location in the Everyday Use of ICTs Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Sakari Taipale


Ageing, Caring and Working: The Lived Citizenship of Working Carers Approaching Their Own Early Old Age Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Anu Leinonen

The Concept of World Politics Project leader: Prof. Pekka Korhonen

HEI ICI Developing Development Studies Project leader: Prof. Jeremy Gould

Models and Ethics of Prioritization of Social Services Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Petteri Niemi

Muddy Waters: Democracy and Governance in a Multilateral State Project leader: Prof. Marja Keränen

The Politics of Dissensus: Parliamentarism, Rhetoric and Conceptual History Project leader: Prof. Kari Palonen

REASSESS: Nordic Centre of Excellence Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model Team leader/JyU: Prof. Teppo Kroger

A Transnationally Informed Case Study of Relations between Global vs. Local Policies, Discourses and Practices in Child Protection Project leader: Prof. Mirja Satka


Care in Context: The Everyday Formation of Care within European Welfare Systems Project leader: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Educated girls and women in Tanzania Project leader: Adjunct professor/Docent Elina Lehtomäki

The Ethical Grounds of Metaphysics Project leader: Prof. Sami Pihlström

Family Platform Project leader: Prof. Kimmo Jokinen

Political Thought and Conceptual Change Leader: Prof. Kari Palonen

Working Carers - Caring Workers - WoCaWo Project coordinator: Prof. Teppo Kröger


Agency, Care and Social Suffering Project Leader: Senior researcher Maritta Husso

SUSMARU: Sustainable Development and Pioneering Small Scale Rural Entrepreneurs Project leader: Prof. Marja Järvelä


Capabilities, Institutions, Dispositifs and Power in Developing Societies Project leader: Prof. Risto Heiskala

History of Cultural Policy Project leader: Prof. Anita Kangas

The Everyday of Care Work in the Nordic Countries Project leader: Prof. Teppo Kroger

Job Alternation Leave Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Knowledge work, Time, Place and Household Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Limits of Personhood Project leader: Prof. Jussi Kotkavirta.

Quality of life in a changing Europe Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Resources, Locality and Life Course Project leader: Prof Martti Siisiäinen

Sustainable Forestry Livelihoods in Northwest Russia (SUSFOLI) Project leader: Prof. Marja Järvelä

Time Squeeze Project leader: PhD Jouko Nätti

Volatile Bodies in Working Life Project leader: Prof. Raija Julkunen

Working Time and Time Use in the Household Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti